We are experts at delivering evidence based clinical exercise prescription and lifestyle modification guidance. We skilfully and respectfully combine our expertise to inspire, educate and motivate our clientele as they face new obstacles and strive for change. We will achieve our goals by collaborating and developing our diverse skill sets, by being flexible in our thinking and behaviour, and being persistent. We will employ people who share our goals and who have the skills that we will support and enhance to achieve those goals.
24 Yuille St, Frankston South

One–on-one sessions

Managing your injury or condition through exercise can be the healthiest thing for your body.

PACE provides personalised one-on-one consultations with experienced Exercise Physiologists to teach you how to move and perform exercise with perfect execution. This provides you with the tools and knowledge of how to manage your condition and perform your exercises yourself at home.

Firstly we recommend you undertake an initial assessment to identify your major problems and to understand your medical history. At this time we identify the root cause of your condition/s and help your work towards correcting these problems through exercise and lifestyle changes.

We can provide you with a detailed home exercise program and designed eating plans to help optimise your health. We work closely with your GP and other allied health specialists to maximise your results and wellbeing.

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Group classes

PACE offers a wide range of group exercise classes, from the beginners to the advanced athlete to keep you fit and healthy. Group sessions are fun and affordable way to keep your new habits on track!

Groups are run by Accredited Exercise Physiologist or exercise specialist with boutique style number from 4-8 in a class. Groups are also customisable so please contact us for more info on this option.

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