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Return to Function

Learn how to manage for your injury or condition through exercise

One–on-one sessions

The PACE Return to Function Program is a corrective exercise based program for post acute and chronic care (injuries that are more than 6 weeks post incident). Designed to equip participants with the necessary physical conditioning, education and support to facilitate a return to work and function.

This program is a pathway to self management. (Workcover and TAC funded upon GP referral)

Program Goals:

  • To increase functional capacity to allow the worker to return to work.
  • To develop self efficacy and provide strategies to allow independence and self management of the participants condition.
  • To educate the participant to adopt safe manual handling practices, correct movement strategies and optimal postures.
  • To address underlying physiological causes of the initial injury or risk factors of future injury (e.g lack of trunk stability, muscle imbalance, poor posture, poor biomechanics in functional tasks, body weight, stress, lack of motivation).
  • To improve lifestyle and overall health leading to improved quality of life.
  • To provide support and strategies to facilitate SMART goal setting and continued motivation.

A Pathway to Return to Work and Activities you Enjoy:

  • The program is designed to give participant’s the support, education and clinical guidance needed to improve function, health and capacity. We give participants the tools to help themselves.

Program Structure: (10-20 week program depending on the nature of the participant’s injury and the stage of their rehabilitation)


Functional Assessment

A thorough functional assessment including objective and subjective measures in order to determine the participant’s physiological and educational needs.

The treating practitioner will then develop a specific treatment plan, goals for each phase and clarify the participant’s role in their own rehabilitation.


Education and Foundation (Typically 10-20 sessions with two sessions weekly)

Posture, functional recruitment of key joint stabilising musculature, corrective exercises for muscle imbalances (stretch and strengthen), correction and education relating to biomechanics, movement strategies and manual handling, lifestyle modification and goal setting are all addressed.

All participants receive a corrective home exercise program which is modified, adjusted and progressed according to their response to each session.


Work Conditioning – Pathway to Self Management (typically 1 session per week for 10 weeks)

This phase focuses on work conditioning and fostering independence in the participant to manage their condition through the corrective exercise program prescribed and the lifestyle and movement strategies they have been taught.


Reassessment and Future Planning We will review your progress and develop goals to maintain the gains achieved during your course.

Participants will be referred to a gymnasium or home based program at this stage in which the participant will be considered able to manage their own exercise and lifestyle program.

The PACE Work Conditioning Program has been created to help improve return to work capabilities and prevent re-injury through physical conditioning and education.

You must consult your General Practitioner and request a written referral for Exercise Physiology to assist in the management of your workplace injury/TAC injury.

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