We are experts at delivering evidence based clinical exercise prescription and lifestyle modification guidance. We skilfully and respectfully combine our expertise to inspire, educate and motivate our clientele as they face new obstacles and strive for change. We will achieve our goals by collaborating and developing our diverse skill sets, by being flexible in our thinking and behaviour, and being persistent. We will employ people who share our goals and who have the skills that we will support and enhance to achieve those goals.
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Thanks again for your assistance in providing a program to strengthen my lower back and core muscles. It has certainly been of benefit to me.

I came in with a rotator-cuff tear. I was unable to left my arms without pain. Within a few months I have noticed a big change and now I have normal movement – like when I was younger! I can recommend PACE very highly!

I have been working with Steph for 3 months now. In this time I have begun a strong recovery. My pain has decreased, strength has increased and I am beginning to get back to life as normal again.

I have been working with Nathan Moorcroft as my Exercise Physiologist for the past 12 months. I am a 68 year old male with a history of high blood pressure, cholesterol and I had a stent fitted some 8 years ago. I am a keen golfer who is looking for support in general fitness and exercises appropriate to my golfing needs. Nathan is a friendly, caring EP with a good sense of humour which keeps the sessions fresh and enjoyable. Each half hour session has elements directed to flexibility, strength and aerobic fitness tailored to my needs.

My mobility and strength have improved enourmously. I feel much fitter and my problems with my knees are much better.
80yrs I was referred to an Exercise Phsyiologist for lower back and shoulder pain due to poor posture and scoliosis. Stephanie has worked with me twice a week for the last few years and I have developed an increase in my range of movement, greater physical strength and noticeably improved posture.

After spending over 3 months with an extremely painful back I was recommended to Ryan Poole at Pace Studios by my Chiropractor who thought that Pilates may be the answer to my problems. My first meeting with Ryan was quite incredible actually, he put me through a number of tests and assured me he would be able to help me and get my back into alignment. I have been having exercise sessions with Ryan for 3 months now and can actually say I am back smiling and able to enjoy sport and exercise again regularly. Ryan has taught me that posture is so important to maintaining a healthy back. I have slowly progressed to more difficult exercises and am now enjoying my new life with legs that are both the same length (at long last). As Ryan said this is not an easy fix it is one that I will have to work on for the rest of my life. 

After years of back pain and physiotherapy, I underwent spinal surgery in 2004,for a prolapsed disc. I had read about exercise physiology for rehabilitation purposes and decided to finally take control of my health. I have been seeing Ryan at PACE since 2005. Starting slowly with mainly core strength exercises, I now cycle over 100kms per week and have a regular strength training home program, as well as my weekly session at PACE. At 45 years old, I am the strongest and fittest I have ever been, thanks to the dedicated team at PACE.

I originally commenced Exercise Physiology as rehabilitation for a back injury and believe that without EP I would have re-injured.  I thank PACE for helping me with my rehabilitation and for offering me a preventative measure against further injury.

I’m a keen golfer. Since starting with PACE I’ve noticed that I’m, Driving the ball an extra 20-30 meters, Walking better. Less effort bending and picking things off the ground, Not cramping like I used to.

I have noticed a remarkable improvement in flexibility in my hips. Also a ‘clicking’ right shoulder has improved. Thank-you

Since I’ve been here I’ve improved immensely. I can now place my left hand above my shoulder which I could not previously. At 84 I have now learnt how to walk correctly and also after 3 nasty falls I now walk more confidently. 

My balance has improved most and my lower back feels much better.

I have been going to PACE for the past 5 years and I have benefited greatly from the individual program designed by my trainers. As I requested, I am constantly challenged to improve my own targets in aerobic and muscle strengthening exercises. The results have been most rewarding. When I set the goal to compete in the Masters Games several years ago my exercise program was paced to help meet the challenges of that competition. Recently after returning from 4 months overseas last year I had a lot of work to do to regain the ground I had lost in my fitness and the increase in weight. My trainers have patiently coerced and encouraged a return to focus. These are 2 examples of how I have benefited from my own individual program I am well aware that at 66 years of age, it is important to have a physically active life and I do this best by an exercise program set by professionals who understand my body and work with me to meet my goals.

When you can honestly say that because of the training, encouragement and inspiration of the team at Pace, you are fitter, stronger and healthier at 50 than 40 – then it obviously works.  Pace has shown me the benefit and enjoyment of exercise and has given me the courage to have a go at things I would never have dreamed possible

After a serious head injury my fitness and wellbeingwas at an all time low. I inquired at my local GP about personal training and they suggest Pace. Having personal training by the people at Pace has turned out to be one of the best things I have ever done. Working in a comfortable environment with professional trainers who are positive friendly people I am regaining my health and am rapted I have met these guys."

I have been working with Ryan as my personal trainer for more than 3 years. During this time I have seen my general fitness and well being improve as a result of his diligent and caring approach. Most recently Ryan has assisted me in altering my fitness routine through my first pregnancy. I am now more than 6 months pregnant, still training twice a week and am feeling fit and well. I believe that the additional strengthening work that we have been doing will put me good stead for the best possible labour and will assist me in returning to a solid level of fitness after the pregnancy. I have referred family and friends to Pace training and will continue to do so with confidence.

I have been exercising at Pace for 3 years under the specific care of Ryan Poole and several of his other EP’s. When I started my fitness and strength were poor due to some deterioration in a few back discs giving me a lot of pain. Ryan has worked with me to increase my overall strength to support the spine and has encouraged me every step of the way. I have a greater understanding of how to work around an injury now and more confidence to try different types of exercise. I have even been on a ski trip to Japan because I am fit enough to ski at a level that was fun and appropriate to my situation. I love your work Ryan!