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Manage your Type 2 Diabetes with exercise

Type 2 diabetes is a common condition affecting the body’s ability to uptake glucose from the blood stream in to the body’s cells due to poor insulin sensitivity at a cellular level.

The PACE Type 2 Diabetes program is designed to help manage your Type 2 Diabetes with exercise and lifestyle modification changes.

The program is aimed at improving your activity levels, reduce your waist girth, blood pressure and improve your nutritional habits, all of which are the strongest risk factors for diabetes.

Believe it or not the most effective thing you can do to manage diabetes is physical activity and better nutrition.

Research has proven that exercise and diet intervention can have 58% reduction in your type 2 diabetes compared to medication alone which reduced risk by only 31%.

PACE has developed the ideal program to help your diabetes with the most up to date evidence based exercise classes and nutritional information. You will learn how to exercise properly (in the gym and at home) and make healthy lifestyle and diet choices to help manage your diabetes.

Our type 2 Diabetes program is an 8 week course which comprises of;

  • Initial assessment - To start of the program your Exercise physiologist will undertake an initial assessment where your health, strength, movement and physical activity levels will be determined.
  • Personal Exercise sessions – to teach you how to move and exercise safely
  • Supervised Group classes- undertaken twice a week involving a combination of resistance exercises, core stability, cardiovascular training and stretches to address your personal needs.
  • Education- each session your exercise physiologist will take you through your program manual with you discussing your home exercises, food diary, and any concerns you have
  • Re assessment – after participating in the program your exercise physiologist will re measure your physical changes

All participants will receive our Type 2 diabetes manual which will help explain the exercises and your home program

Medicare rebates are available – please contact us or your GP to discuss.