Quit the sit!

We all know that sitting too long is no good for us, but how do you encourage your team to move more? We've heard it all: "I'm too busy", "I need to get this done", "I need to be seen at my desk..." and so on.

The inspiration for this little post came from feedback we received just last week after a DeskFit workplace training session:

"The session this morning was really good, the messages you gave support what we tell employees. Relating injuries and exercises to the Workstation Checklist brings home the message of why we want everyone to reduce their sedentary behaviours." OH&S Manager.

Not only is sitting too long damaging our spinal health through disc compression and the creation of muscle imbalances (psoas anyone?) - but the lack of blood flow resulting from prolonged sitting is also slowing down our metabolism (and our brains). This leads to all sorts of health problems. Have a look at this link to read more about the researched facts: Rise&Recharge - Baker Institute

The Rise & Recharge app is a great tool to use amongst your working groups. Although if you don't feel like doing the 'mosey' - you may want to help prevent musculo-skeletal disorders and pain - so have a look at our Micro-Breaks initiative.  

PACE Micro-Breaks

Stop the development of chronic diseases like Type 2 diabetes or heart disease and stroke. Reduce the risk of musculo-skeletal injury and stiffness. Keep your brains alert and enhance productivity. Encourage yourself and your team to reduce sedentary behaviour!

Pace Micro Breaks
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