An 8 week exercise program designed to improve the quality of life, cognitive and physiological function of client’s with or at risk of developing a neurocognitive disorder

An exercise and lifestyle program to improve cognitive health for depression and anxiety, and to prevent or manage neurocognitive diseases such as dementia, Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s.

The program has 5 components of exercise:

  • Coordination

  • Balance

  • Reaction Time

  • Functional Strength

  • Aerobic Fitness The course will involve 1 x 60 minute assessment and 2 x individual 30 minute sessions + 5 x privately funded Exercise Physiology Group Sessions.
    Each participant will receive a Mind Your Own Health Manual which contains a home exercise program, information about cognitive disorders and exercise, nutrition, goal setting and lifestyle activities to keep you on track.

Who is suitable?

People looking to improve their cognitive and physiological health, balance, independence in activities of daily living and reduce their risk of falls and other chronic conditions.

  • As this is a graduated and progressive program all levels of fitness can be catered for in the same class, your exercise physiologist will be able to prescribe safe and appropriate exercises for you with consideration of any conditions you may have (e.g. back, knee, hip pain).

program Goals

Slow the progression or possibly reduce your risk of developing a neurocognitive disease (Alzheimer’s/ Dementia).

  • Increase energy and reduce your fatigue as activities of daily living become easier to do as a result of improved strength, mobility and endurance.

  • Improve balance and mobility and reduce the risk of tripping and falling.

  • Assist with maintaining a healthy weight by slowing or reversing muscle wasting (muscle increases your metabolism).

  • Reduce your risk of other conditions which you may be at high risk of such as Cardiovascular Disease e.g. Heart Attack/Stroke, Type 2 Diabetes, Osteoporosis and Depression.

  • Provide you with a home exercise program and ideas which will help you in between sessions and for the rest of your life.

  • Offer a professional, friendly, interactive environment to complete Exercise Physiology Group Sessions.

  • Support and compliment other medical and specialist care you are receiving.

  • Induce the release of the body’s natural feel good hormones and the flow of oxygen to the brain which improves mood and awareness.

  • Increase circulation to and stability surrounding your joints which will help to manage any arthritis or joint pain you may have.

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Program outline

As every participant will be unique in regards to their age and physical condition, we provide a variety of treatment options within the course to suit you. Phase 1: Individual Foundation

First Visit (Session 1): In your first session we will review your medical history, nutrition, physical activity, lifestyle and take baseline measures of your strength, mobility and endurance. Based on these results we will set program goals and prescribe a home exercise program from the Mind Your Own Health Participant Manual.

Follow Up Visit (Session 2): To review your exercises, food diary, weekly goal, clarify any questions and register for appropriate Exercise Physiology Group.

Phase 2: Exercise Physiology Group Sessions (5)

In these sessions your Exercise Physiologist will provide you with suggestions for exercise progressions from the participant manual as well as providing you with new, more progressive challenges which can be completed under supervision.

Phase 3: Program Review and Future Planning In the final week of the program we will conduct an individual reassessment, review and reset goals and progress your home program.

The PACE Mind Your Own Health Program has been created by our Exercise Physiology team based on clinical research evidence and guidelines relating to exercise prescription for the prevention and management of neurocognitive conditions.

*Note: A referral from your treating General Practitioner is required prior to commencing this course. If you have a chronic condition such as Dementia, you are eligible for referral by your General Practitioner under an Enhanced Primary Care Plan for individual sessions which are Medicare subsidised if they deem this to be appropriate.