Pre-surgical Program

The PACE Pre-surgical Program aims to educate and empower patients living with osteoarthritis or those preparing for surgical intervention/ arthroplasty. Through the development of a suitable and specific strengthening program we aim to teach patients how to use exercise to decrease their pain and disability whilst increasing function, quality of life and ability to achieve activities of daily living. Our end goal is to create a self-managed exercise program that the patients can continue independently to improve their pain & functional outcomes. This program is suitable for both conservative management and joint replacement (pre or post) patients.

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“Exercise intervention is as effective, if not greater, than medication or anti-inflammatory medication. Additionally, exercise is safer and has fewer side effects.”

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Program Goals

  • Increased strength and mobility, for increased function and reduction of pain.

  • Development of patient education of osteoarthritis. This includes surgical intervention and outlining rehabilitation guidelines post-surgery where necessary.

  • Improved function and self-management of hip/knee following the program, including home or gym based exercise program.


supporting research

  • Exercise intervention prior to surgery (total hip & joint replacement) reduced surgical complication from 32% to 12%, and additionally reducing the length of hospital stay by 4 days post-surgery. (Crowe & Henderson, 2003)

  • Pre-habilitation patients are stronger (sit to stand), have less pain, can walk further in 6 minutes and are more capable on stairs compared to those without exercise intervention (TPP, 2010)

  • Physical function shown to increase by 30% and knee strength by 50% after surgery by undergoing exercise intervention (Brown, 2010)

  • Physical activity has been proven to show improvements in pain, physical function and joint stiffness for patients who do not need surgical intervention.

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