The PACE Return to Function Program is a graded rehabilitation program, for sub-acute & chronic, designed to equip workers with the education and strategies required to make a successful return to work and life. 

This program serves as a pathway to self-management, via education and the development of a graded exercise rehabilitation program, which ensures the participant can meet the physiological demands of their role and significantly decrease risk of re-injury. 

Program Goals:

  • To develop a graded rehabilitation program which will allow the worker to develop the functional capacity required, to meet the physiological demands of their return to work plan. 

  • To educate the participant on each step of the rehabilitation process, and their role they need to play. This includes safe manual handling training and development of ongoing habits to ensure a decreased risk of re-injury. 

  • To take a patient focused biopsychosocial approach to rehabilitation, to ensure sustainable outcomes.

A Pathway to Return to Work and Activities you Enjoy:

  • The program is designed to give participant’s the support, education and clinical guidance needed to improve function, health and capacity. We give participants the tools to help themselves.

Program Structure: (10-20 week program depending on the nature of the participant’s injury and the stage of their rehabilitation)

Listen to Chris Eastaway and his story of how he got back into life and work through the help of a Pace Exercise Physiologist.

Phase one

The goal of this phase is to address any underlying factors which may contribute to risk of re-injury, or be limiting factors in your rehabilitation process. Examples may include muscular imbalances, poor understanding of injury, fears & beliefs associated with return to work, etc. 

We complete education on your condition & rehabilitation, and develop a home exercise program to address underlying muscular imbalances. Other strategies such as pacing diary’s, are begun in this phase. 

phase two

The goal of this phase is to develop improved motor patterns, to integrate the early rehabilitation work you have completed, into movements of daily life Safe Manual Handling Training, incorporating push/ pull/ lift/ carry tasks is typically completed. 

Capacity building is achieved via a graded exercise program, to increase your functional capacity to meet the physiological demands of your workplace. This typically includes job capacity profiling, to ensure we are working towards meeting specific demands of your role, to again decrease risk of re-injury and promote a successful return to work.

We develop self-management strategies to move towards independence, via the prescription of a gym based exercise program, whilst tracking compliance to ensure accountability to your program. 

phase three

The goal of this final phase is to see a successful return to work, and discharge from the program. Participants should leave with the skillset & understanding of what is required to decrease risk of future injury and maintain functional capacity. Self-management strategies are discussed since day 1, and developed over the course of the program. 

The PACE Work Conditioning Program has been created to help improve return to work capabilities and prevent re-injury through physical conditioning and education.

You must consult your General Practitioner and request a written referral for Exercise Physiology to assist in the management of your workplace injury/TAC injury.