The Type 2 Diabetes Management Program is a group based program, designed to equip you with the self-management strategies to better manage your Type 2 Diabetes. This program helps to facilitate long term behaviour change, to deliver significant and sustainable long term outcomes, via education, accountability and best practice exercise prescription. 


 An exercise, nutrition and lifestyle modification course to assist in the management of Type 2 Diabetes. 


Program Goals

To Increase Physical Activity to meet the National Physical Activity Guidelines of Australia. 

  1. To provide participants with education, support and strategies to help improve health behaviours and Type 2 Diabetes Management/ Blood Glucose Control.

  2. To improve nutritional habits (specifically reduced saturated fat intake and increased soluble fibre).

  3. To improve Health & Wellbeing, to help you live your healthiest & happiest life.

  4. To decrease the risk of associated chronic diseases, such as Cardiovascular Disease & Stroke. 


Program Outline

Initial Assessment: During this 45 minute appointment, your Accredited Exercise Physiologist will discuss with you;

  • Medical History & Reason for Referral

  • Readiness to Change/ Motivational Interviewing

  • What is Type 2 Diabetes? Benefits of Physical Activity? 

  • Tips for Getting Started/ Pre-cautions

  • Develop an Action Plan & Self-Management Strategies

  • Home Exercise Program

Group Sessions: The 60 minute exercise sessions are delivered in small groups of 4-8 people, all of whom are working towards similar goals with similar conditions. The exercise program is designed for you and will take into account any past or current injuries or concerns. The group environment helps to create accountability between participants, and allows for discussion, whilst also having fun.  

Mid-Program Review: This 30 minute session is designed as a check in to see how you are progressing through the group exercise sessions, update your home exercise program & complete a re-assessment to measure improvements and address any questions or concerns in an individual setting. 

Final Assessment & Pathway to Self-Management: In this 30 minute appointment, we again measure improvements and finalise your home exercise program & self-management strategies. Whilst you have the option of continuing the group program, the goal is that you are now equipped with the tools to better manage blood glucose levels and live your happiest & healthiest life. 

Funding: This program is claimable on Private Health Funds, Medicare Enhanced Primary Care Plan (Individual sessions only) and Medicare Group Allied Health Services for Type 2 Diabetes Patients. 

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