Developing Healthy & Happy Habits...


Did you know that HABITS form over 60% of your day???

Are your habits HELPING or HARMING you???

What's your BEST & WORST habit???

Habits are a powerful tool, which we can use to help move the needle in the direction of our goals each day. For example, HYDRATION is an important factor in your health, the habit of consuming 500ml when you first wake up would be much more helpful than having a long black COFFEE...

Habits do take time to DEVELOP, so we recommend trying to action only 1-2 changes at any one time. For example, if time management was a goal, developing the habit of only checking emails at 8am, 12pm & 4pm would be a great way to increase your PRODUCTIVITY. This would take some conscious effort & short term pain to develop though...


Step 1: Identify your GOAL.

-What is it that you want to achieve???


-What good habits do you already have? Can we build on these?

-What habits are working against you? Can these be removed or reduced?

Step 3: Select 1-2 habits to focus on CHANGING. 

-What's going to give you most bang for your buck? 

-What's going to be achievable to get a win on the board?

Step 4: "If you want to change your LIFE, change your DIARY..."

-Book the time in with yourself for when this habit will be actioned. 

*Actually write it in your diary, don't compromise this booking...

-Ie. Walk 15 minutes at 7am every morning. 

-It's important that this time is the same every day for obvious reasons.

Step 5: REPEAT, Repeat, Repeat...

-Socialise your Goals, Habits & Actions to enlist the help of others & develop ACCOUNTABILITY.

-Develop supporting habits.. Eg. Put shoes out the night before, Feed the dog when you finish the walk, etc.

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