Do you suffer from Shoulder & Neck Pain? 

Want to know how to Move Better & Feel Better?!

If so, then read on…

Our Shoulders & Neck have a tight-nit relationship, one can’t have healthy function while the other has poor mechanics or pain. Similarly, they both rely on good mechanics of the thoracic spine, most notably healthy amounts of rotation and extension throughout the day. 

This movement of the thoracic spine allows normal mechanics of the shoulder & neck to occur, which in turn allows blood flow and full range of motion to occur throughout daily movement. Movements such as Thoracic Kyphosis (forward flex of the upper back) and forward head position have typically been vilified in the past, with people linking these movements to “poor postures” and contributing to pain. 

Let’s be clear on this; there are no such movements as bad movements, there are no such postures as bad postures… The best posture is the next posture.

The greater problem is physical inactivity. The problem being not so much that our spine can’t move, but simply that we don’t move… As the saying goes, lotion is motion. 

Regular movement throughout the day will help to alleviate pain in the shoulders & neck, as well as any other stiff/ sore regions of the body by increasing blood flow and lubrication. Simply breaking up your sedentary time for 100 seconds every 30 minutes has been linked with decreased risk of all-cause mortality, as well as improved outcomes associated with musculoskeletal rehabilitation. 

Secondly, most aches & pains are linked to tissue tolerance and physical demands placed on the body throughout the day. Think your pain problem isn’t a strength problem? Think again…

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